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The Black Widow
by nngross
The Black WidowShe smiles,
A slight curve of her cruel lips,
As she walks away,
Leaving another husk of a man in her wake.
Leaving him with only thoughts and memories as useless as her goodbye kiss,
As useless as the "I'm sorry" she whispered sweetly in his ear
Before she sweetly walked out of his life.
Victim number one?
Number three?
Number five?
Number nine?
Or does it really matter?
She is a seducer.
She is a seductress.
She is a succubus.
She is a black widow,
Weaving a web of lust,
Of desire,
Of deceit,
Of lies,
And of love.
Despicable love.
I pity him, her next man,
Her next victim,
Her next prey,
Her next "love."
The next husk of a man that will be left in the wake of her cruel, curving lips.


Lovelorn Death
by dai-vee.
Lovelorn DeathHe who loves must bear the pain
Watching his blood run to the drain
As the one he loves will love another
Suffocating as air does smother
He who loves must pay the price
Hanging because he thought her nice
Naked and beaten, destined to lose
Guilty of what she does accuse
He who loves must bear the shame
She is hurt and he's to blame
The nails stick in on seeing her hurt
The microbes crawl in caked-on dirt
He who loves must feel despair
Even though it isn't fair
Her soul slips through unclenching fists
The blood now draining from his wrists
He who loves must suffer alone
With little hope of shattered bone
Never having felt her touch
Wishing he had mattered much
He who loves must fight his need
To her desires he must concede
Seeing her still prolongs his end
He cannot touch his heart to rend
He who loves must bear the cost
Doubly so when he has lost
He had not gained what counts as loss
Now love must die upon its cross


I’m Still Here
by StarlightComet
I'm Still HereEven after everything, I realize that
I’ll still be the one
Who supports you
When you can no longer stand
On your own.
I’ll still be the one
Who puts the pieces
Back together when you
I’ll still be the one
To hug you-hold you-
When your walls crumble down
Into oblivion.
I’ll be here to catch you
If you find yourself falling.
I’ll be here to save you
If you can’t carry on.
I’ll fight for you
If you can no longer fight for yourself.
My only wish is that
You do the same for me-
My only regret
Is knowing that you won’t.


Time and Tide
by TheBareSheet
Time and Tidewhat good is a day, with no hasty breeze?
my collar, your puppet, the winding kite,
my bread, your balloon, a blight on my bight.
this life would cease(fire) if the wind did freeze.
that dawn I turned down a different road,
waiting for my thoughts become my own.
small fish swim upstream, but then to be sold. 
who knew her children and fate would be sewn.
old habits never die, lest future maul.
time and tide makes us mercenaries all.


The Stretcher
by Achille1996
The StretcherToday a boy sees a green-eyed girl for the first time
and thinks she is the most beautiful thing
in the entire world.
A woman in white lifts her bouquet,
so thankful that she is finally
the one to throw
and her sister catches the flowers
while blushing at the best man,
who smiles back at her.  
Today a mother kisses her daughter
on the forehead
as she imagines how beautiful
this newborn child will become
in the future.
A black and white kitten
emerges from beneath a family shed,
and two girls on the swings
name him Mittens
and promise to love him forever.
Today someone is carried
down the hospital hall in a stretcher,
and I sit in the waiting room
thinking that out of all these happy,
wonderful things,
I would take the stretcher
if it meant I would be there
instead of you.



Our vision here at written-from-within is to bring writers of all styles and genres together to not only share their works with deviantART and the world, but to also connect with those who have something to say. written-from-within is a place for members to support one another in their writing endeavours.

We want this to be a very active club, and when we get enough members then we can start having contest's and plenty of activities started.

There are many things available here, and we also feel this is a place where someone can ask questions/get advice from fellow members.

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Please feel free to note us with any further questions or request.









Random from Favourites

To begin our series of group discussions, I've picked a topic very near and dear to the hearts of all: Love.

Our quote on Love comes from a well known man who has written extensively on the topic.

“They do not love that do not show their love. The course of true love never did run smooth. Love is a familiar. Love is a devil. There is no evil angel but Love.”
― William Shakespeare

Now, our question: Is he right? If so, what is the worth of love, should we love at all? If not, please explain why he's wrong.

Everyone, please add to our discussion and speak up in the comments. Whether you have loved before or not matters not; only your opinion matters.
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